​Want to Spice Up Your Bedroom Activities With A Little Role Play

​But Can’t Find One That Works?

​Well, the Search Is Over…  

Tired of the usual 'Top 50 role plays to try' type of scenarios that expect you to plan out a saucy scenario with just one paragraph of instructions?

Finally! Video Scenarios That Take Away the Tricky Planning and Make Role Playing Simple

At last! Online video scenarios that will take away all the guesswork of how to plan a realistic steamy role play scenario, with no acting skills or creative improvisation needed!

If you're searching for a true role play experience that will actually work, read about our video scenarios below and once done, we challenge you to find an alternative role play method anywhere on the internet that will be more simple and fun to use! 

How video scenarios work?

In a moment you will learn why you will literally not be able to concentrate on anything other than the flashbacks of what you both got up to last night in the bedroom.

This is because, unlike with standard article based scenarios, video scenarios will actually give you saucy interactive step-by-step directions to follow, with sex initiations that you would typically never expect from your partner, making it feel like you no longer know each other sexually, resulting in a wild, mind-blowing feeling similar to that when you're making love to a complete stranger... 

Sounds like just what you need, right?

But that's not it! If it's bedroom fun you're looking for, as you read on you will learn not only how these scenarios will provide you with a true workable solution for adding some new raunchy fun into the bedroom. Additionally, because we know that what first brought you to this page was an active desire to find some new naughty ideas for boosting the spice in the bedroom, we will be also providing you with a lot more saucy resources for keeping your adult affairs always fresh and exciting every time. However, before we start telling you about the rest of these fun extra features, read on to see what makes using video based role playing so simple and fun!

Why trying conventional online role play can feel awkward?

Sexual variety is the key to all successful relationships, and more and more of us are discovering that the simplest way to add some fresh variety into our sex lives is ​just introducing a little occasional sauciness in the bedroom.

Sexual role play makes it easier to explore your deepest desires whilst allowing you to covertly reveal them to your partner. However, there’s a small problem! The thing about role playing fantasies is that while they can play out seamlessly in your imagination, when you actually try and act out whatever scenario it is that gets you both hot and steamy in real life, it can get pretty awkward extremely quickly.

Does this Google search image ​look familiar?

If so, you will be very aware that until now all the typical role play ideas you can find online are written in article format, which require lots of potentially tricky acting and improvisation to pull them off successfully, and there’s no bigger passion killer than attempting to act one out and stumbling over trying to work out your lines in the heat of the moment.

There had to be a better way to role play

Video scenarios eliminate this problem. It's a no-brainer that to make online scenarios more simple, precise step-by-step instructions with visual cues are needed to show you both exactly what to do. Without this, think about it, it's ​more or less impossible to totally relax and truly lose your inhibitions as you play out the scene. And as you read down the page we will show you 3 demo videos that will showcase how video scenarios will inject that special fun and excitement to morph you both into two horny lusty lovers all over again....

Why More Couples Are Participating in Role Playing?

Sexual role play gives couples a chance to breathe new life into the familiar by the creative use of imagination to flirt with your secret fantasies. When we assume roles in the bedroom we are given the freedom to release our inhibitions through the portrayal of different characters. It’s great for both sexes for discovering the hidden facets of their partners: it is well known that both men and women can have their secret fantasies; and with role play, what could possibly be better than when it's actually you who is the central focus of all the lustful desires?


The problem with the existing conventional article based top 50 type of scenarios is that they make things near impossible by usually only supplying you with just one paragraph of text and then expecting you to work everything else out for yourselves. Because of this, when searching for suitable role play scenarios to try, many romantic pairings who consider delving into the naughty and fun world of role playing never even end up trying it.

How video scenarios make role play planning fun

Unlike the standard article based online scenarios, video scenarios make the whole process of planning your first Seksme night in a really fun and memorable experience for the both of you. T​o ensure that your scenarios will always end in a hot and steamy success, the difference with video scenarios is that you also get access to a special pre-foreplay build-up video to watch together as a couple, directly before you try out your very first naughty role play scene.

Want to know more about this ​pre-foreplay build-up video?

Well, don't worry, we will be shortly showing you the first of our 3 demo video clips detailing how this fun interactive startup video actually works to build up the sexual tension for your very first naughty couples night in.

​Why Having Great Sex with Your Partner Is Crucial?

Sexual happiness is key in all successful relationships and we all should understand the vital importance of focusing more on each other’s core personal needs, ​with constant renewed efforts to ensure that sex is always mutually enjoyable for both parties. ​The truth is, sexual intimacy is an integral part of any healthy relationship and once it's allowed to fade away, it could slowly lead to infatuation. That is why role playing has grown so fast in popularity: as more of us are realizing the true damaging effects of looking outside the relationship to fulfill our intimate desires, and instead are now looking inside of them to fulfill this missing lust from within. 

Good sex is all about the foreplay, foreplay, foreplay!

Nothing shows your partner that their pleasure is important, and additionally creates more positive steamy sexual anticipation, than foreplay. According to a recent couples survey, bedroom role playing poled as the most popular choice for incorporating some new saucy fun into the bedroom, moreover it's an excellent way of ensuring that your partner's sexual needs are never left feeling neglected.

OK, so here's a ​challenge ​for you!

Let’s face it, playing out conventional naughty article based role playing scenes can be tricky. This is because you’re usually taking on a character radically at odds with who you are in real life, and the chances are that neither of you are Oscar-worthy actors.

Now, here's the challenge: if you are serious about finding a simple role playing method that will take away all the potential complexity encountered when trying to improvise your way through a standard article based scenario, then read the rest of this page, watch the following 3 ​'what to expect with Seksme' comparison videos, and once done, we challenge you to find a more simple to use method anywhere on the internet that will not only offer you a true workable solution, but will also supply you with as much additional fun bedroom ideas to add extra spice to your love life as what you are about to discover.

OK, ready for the challenge? Then read on!

Introducing Seksme Video Scenarios

Want to relive the sexual passion you both shared during the honeymoon period? Well, Seksme will let you mix up your often routine bedroom intimacy by introducing some new mystery and adventure to enhance that spark in your love life. You are about to see how our video scenarios are truly unique - they have been specially developed from ground up to solve the common conundrum of making online role play scenarios that actually work, ​and ​best of all, you can start ​the process of having some new ​naughty bedroom fun ​with them as soon as tonight.

But First, Who Are They Really For?

Now you might be wondering 'Is Seksme really for me?'

​Are you a person who...

  • ​wants to introduce a little sexual variety,
  • is missing foreplay in ​your relationship,
  • ​wants to reignite the passion after having a baby,
  • ​whose long term relationship is in need of a boost,
  • ​is seeking fun new ways to sexually excite a partner,
  • ​wants to satisfy their sexual curiosity or
  • ​is just looking for a raunchy gift for a sexy surprise?

Well, if you ​answered yes to any of the questions above, then what you are about to discover will provide the solution to all the sexual excitement you need. However, don't just take our word for it! Read on to see why, watch our sample video clips below, and simply decide for yourself.

Now Let's Compare Features!

You have now reached the stage where you ​can watch some video demonstrations to visually compare our scenarios to the standard conventional ones found at other sites, and more importantly, about all the additional extra sexual enhancement features that will also be coming included with Seksme. So, lets start off these comparisons with the very basics. 

What Makes Seksme Videos So Stimulating?

It's that our scenarios are specially designed to take you out of your comfort zone by leading you into new raunchy s​exual situations resulting in heightened suspense and excitement of you both not knowing what naughty thing will happen to the other next. Additionally, the very best thing of it all is that if you’re of the shy type, you can also freely blame it onto us for all the new saucy bedroom antics you were both just getting up to.

Now, Here’s Exactly How They Work

Unlike the usual standard article based scenarios, our video scenarios are much more than one paragraph in length, with lots of unique raunchy storylines to choose from, each lasting anywhere from 7 to 20 minutes in duration. The key to the success of these scenarios is that they do not require any tricky improvisation from either of you, but instead they uniquely work by us issuing all of the fun and naughty step-by-step directions for you to simply follow, using our special 6 step scenario method that frees ​up inhibitions and allows you to seamlessly slip out of your normal sexual routine.

Swapping Up the Sexual Monotony

Humans are attracted to familiarity, our brains are wired to keep us safe and will always guide us to things we know. However, with video scenarios you will now be constantly transported into the unfamiliar with endless new ways of sparking off sex with your partner. They will add fresh spice and variety to the ways you usually start off your lovemaking, and once they have taken you through all the raunchy paces of your chosen storyline they are cleverly formulated to always end by leaving you in the middle of some new fresh sensual action, with you both now in total charge of the sexual direction for the rest of your saucy intimate fun time. 

What Else Do You Get With Seksme?

Are you ready to see an example of how your pre-foreplay video will actually work? Well, before we show you the first of our three demo videos, remember we earlier mentioned that with Seksme not only do you get our saucy role play scenarios, but we'll also be providing you with endless fresh and creative ways for bringing new spice into the bedroom? Well, before you check out just how simple video scenarios will be for you ​​to instantly use, we'll now tell you about the first of these additional extra ​saucy fun features.

Bonus Saucy Prop Set Included!

With Seksme, your naughty role play scenarios also come included with a saucy prop set. Role play props and attire are both major players which will truly help to bring your scenario fantasies to an even more powerful climax. That's why, to take the sexual tension and ecstasy to a whole new level, we have also included a naughty deluxe prop set. This welcome addition will add a great touch to spice up any bedroom fantasy. What's more, our hot steamy scenarios will play out endless new ways for putting these items to creative use, not to mention all the naughty fun you can be both independently getting up to when the scenarios end…

How to Use Them with Your Scenarios?

As you read down the page you will discover exactly how these naughty items are craftily incorporated into our various exclusive story-lines. But before we visually prove this to you, why not first take a brief moment to read about how others have found using our Seksme scenarios?

What Others Are Saying

Seksme Testimonial

"Surprised the wife with this, who is not very adventurous. Because the set was presented in such a tasteful way, after a little cheeky persuasion she agreed to give it a try. The scenarios really did help her to lose her inhibitions as we played along with the step-by-step instructions, we both giggled a lot and really did have a great first experience! This is truly an excellent concept, there are literally dozens of awesome scenarios to choose from and we both look forward to the next opportunity to try another!"

​Andy & Samantha (Nevada)

What to Expect When You Try Your First Scenario?

Intrigued, right? You can now watch a sample demo clip of our pre-scenario foreplay instruction video that you will both watch as a couple before trying out your first scenario, and here are a few short teasers on what to expect on your very first naughty couples night in!

Teaser #1  Learning to use our scenarios

Owning your character and being able to let your inhibitions run free is key to all successful role playing. To guarantee this always happens with our naughty scenarios, before you attempt your very first one you will first be taken through our unique pre-foreplay build-up video which explains our special six-step process ​that'll guide you through each naughty step of your chosen erotic storyline.

Teaser #2  This is where all the saucy fun begins

This unique instructional video was specially designed to get both of your pulses racing with lots of sexual tension and anticipation as it guides you through the best tips and instructions to prepare you for your very first sexy Seksme night in.

Teaser #3  How the actual scenarios will work?

As you now know, our Seksme video scenarios are cleverly designed so neither of you will know what will be happening to the other next, which truly intensifies the experience and aids to really make it feel like you no longer know your partner sexually!

Teaser #4 In a nutshell: our scenarios are foolproof

Each lasting anywhere from 7 to 20 minutes in duration, they are designed to direct each of you to perform specific actions on each other.

Like for instance... 'take the blindfold' ... 'now stand in front of your partner and place it over their eyes'... The scenario will then allow an allotted time for you to successfully do this and then you just follow the rest of the naughty step-by-step instructions in the same manner as we lead you both off into the very saucy unknown.

Teaser #5  Think about it!

Because it’s us giving all the instructions on your behalf, it will make you feel like you no longer know your partner's standard sexual advances. This makes it feel like you’re making love to a complete stranger, whilst at the same time aiding to truly lose your inhibitions as you both bring your new raunchy characters to life!

Sounds like fun, right? - Well, to see for yourself how all the new bedroom fun will start immediately on pressing play, watch a sample clip of the actual pre-foreplay build-up video below. 

See How It Works - Watch Demo 1 Below



Want to know how quickly you and your partner can start having new bedroom fun with our scenarios? Then don't just take our word for it! If you just can’t imagine how fun and simple it will be to use them, watch a short sample clip of our pre-foreplay build-up video which gives you an overview of our scenarios' detailed six-step process.

The full actual pre-foreplay video itself is 15 minutes  ​long and has been specially ​created to provide you both with the perfect flirty step-by-step interactive foreplay build-up to your very first Seksme scenario. This short preview will give you a demo of its first 3 minutes covering point one and a small ​part of point two of the process, and after watching this sample clip you will both know how it will work to provide you with the perfect fun foreplay build-up to your very first naughty night in.

Press 'Watch Video' for a
sneak preview.

Seksme Testimonial

"Being adventurous in the bedroom is something my fiance and I have recently been trying to indulge more in. We have never tried anything like this before, so we didn't really know what to expect. Apart from the scenarios, there are so many additional online features, ideas and suggestions for new things to try to always keep bedroom activities fresh. This set has literally brought our love life to another level. We take it out on special occasions when we plan a lover’s night in, and the anticipation of waiting for that night to arrive makes the thought of what may end up happening even that more exciting!!"

​​Mandy (Ne​w York)

How ​​​Using Scenario Props ​​Will Aid More Powerful Climaxes

Now that you have seen how our pre-foreplay build-up video is cleverly designed to get you both all ready an excited about the prospect of living out your very first naughty role play scenario, let's​ focus on how things can still get even hotter with your included bonus prop set that we specially incorporated to promote more frequent, more intense and more pleasurable orgasms.

Teaser #1 Variety is the spice of a great sex life

As you already know, with Seksme you won't only be getting access to our saucy scenarios designed to inject new naughty spice into the bedroom, you will also receive a fully loaded prop set containing a saucy treasure trove of handcrafted luxury accessories to spice up those erotic storylines even further.

Teaser #2 Love, Sex and Handcuffs

But you would like all the items to be tasteful and fun, right? Well, every item contained in this set is of exceptionally high quality, each one individually handcrafted from the very best materials available and specially constructed for comfort as you will shortly see demonstrated in our second video below.

Teaser #3 Curious about how to use them?

Don’t worry, our hot steamy scenarios will play out endless new ways of incorporating your new saucy kit in our many erotic storylines - not to mention all the extra naughty fun that you can both be getting up to if you decide to enact your own secret Miss Steele and Mr Grey fantasies when the role play scenarios end…

Teaser #4 Like to get more familiar with each item?

To ensure that you will both know how to have maximum fun with your new naughty prop set, we also provide in-depth instruction videos on how to use each individual accessory.

But don’t just take our word on this. Playing with naughty props will really enhance your new hot and steamy fun! To see a sample of the quality and in-depth details you will learn about each item, view our sample demo clip below.

Want to See How to Use Them? - Watch Demo 2 Below



When you're first having sex with a new person, it's oh-so-exciting. New body! New taste! New smells! New energy! New orgasms! 

Well, our Seksme prop sets will also ​introduce you to new sensual sensations, encouraging couples to explore their curiosity or adventurous side by experimenting with sexy accessories that have been craftily incorporated into your role play storylines to create more frequent and powerful climaxes for the both of you.

These instructional videos are designed to give you a fun way to ensure that you will both know how to use each item for maximum satisfaction, including essential do’s and dont's that you should ​know before you start to play. To learn more about using these watch our demo clip below!

Seksme Testimonial

"​​We have been together for over seven years now and things were getting a ​little stale, so we decided to kick it up a notch and try to add a bit of raunchiness to our usual love making sessions. Your ​​Seksme ​experience was the perfect choice: ​the bed restraints set offered so much ​fun, not to mention the endless scenarios to help with ideas on putting them to use. Well, I must say that in all of our years together this has actually got to be the best fun we have ever had together in the bedroom!! The items are also well made and most definitely worth the purchase. I have no reservations in recommending Seksme if you’re in need of turning your love around!!"

​​Hannah & ​Dylan (​Texas)

So, Exactly What Items Come Included ​​in Your ​Box Set?

Want to know what's in the box, right? ​Well, take a closer look: view the images below for a detailed description of each accessory and let your imaginations run wild as you envisage all the countless fresh sexy possibilities of your new replenished bedroom excitement.


Your products come in luxury packaging which contains all the bits you need to sustain your adventures through the night. It is strong, durable and comes in a portable and sleek design.


For people who have a day-to-day life of being constantly in control, giving it up in the bedroom can be a huge turn-on. Hand and ankle cuffs leave your body with no other option than to fully enjoy the intensity of sex.


A hogtie is a restraint tool that involves securing the ankles to the wrists with handcuffs, ropes or ties behind someone’s back to immobilize them, leaving them totally exposed to your naughty desires.


If your partner is in need of a little spanking, then a paddle is the easiest and most effective implement to introduce a little impact play with a  little cheeky thud or a sting.


​If you want to experiment with power play, a blindfold is your best friend. Even if you’re not naturally dominant, you’ll find it easier to slip into a dominating role if your partner can’t see you.


A flogger is a device used to playfully whip or gently tease your partner’s skin during play and is made of several strands attached to a stiff handle.


Using a collar is a great way of bringing the fun of control into your bedroom. Worn by both male and female alike it has fast become one of the most popular props.


A restraint typically stops naughty playmates from touching things they shouldn’t. Ropes not only keep that ‘naughty’ partner firmly in their place, but also look incredible when exotically tied.


Introducing a mouth gag to your intimate fun is a great way of enhancing role play, increasing control and silencing your lover.


Every item contained in this set is of exceptional high quality, each one individually handcrafted from the best available materials and specially  constructed for quality and comfort.


Unlike many sets out there our set comes with an unbreakable steel chain used for the lead and a face contour blindfold that offers a true blackout experience exerting zero pressure on the eyes.


With incredibly soft and comfortable cuffs and a stylish soft silicone mouth gag, our sets can be worn for long periods and make the perfect prop set for your saucy bedroom play.

Read full details ​of each of these items in our FAQ below.

Now You Can Satisfy All That  Hidden Secret Lust

Creating stronger committed relationships

Most of us don’t realize that simply adding some fresh spice into your love life can even help partners in committed relationships resist the temptation to cheat. It's no secret that being sexually unfulfilled in a relationship can cause couples to slowly drift apart. Because of this, some people end up having affairs to satisfy simple needs that could have been easily fulfilled within their own relationship. In most cases you will find that the need was just for some sexual variety which could have easily been satisfied at home. We all need to feel the excitement of doing something new and out of the ordinary from time to time but the truth is, it does not have to involve other people

OK, So Let the Bedroom Fun Begin!

Don't wait another night to bring back the bedroom fun! With Seksme the sky and your imagination is the limit to how much fun you can both be having with your saucy role play adventures. With a third of couples admitting they haven’t even as much as tried out a new position in over a year, it’s no surprise why 70% of you are wishing to progress your everyday relationships in to a more fun and adventurous one.

So, if ​there may be a little room for improvement, or you can just simply admit that your sex life ain’t quite what you’d like it to be, with Seksme you can now kick-start the process of getting your sex life back on track from as soon as tonight!

How ​​​to Start Using Seksme Today

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You can now start enhancing your relationship ​right away​ ​with these 3 ​​easy steps:

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​S​TEP 1

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Start Having Some New Bedroom Fun - Watch our onboarding video, then let us encourage the use of your erotic accessories to bring some new thrilling fun and foreplay into the bedroom right away.

That’s it - it’s as simple as that!

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Now, if all that you have already learned about Seksme wasn't enough, you will be further pleased to discover that there are still more additional fun bonus relationship enhancement features that also come included inside your online members' area as you will shortly see  demonstrated in our third and final demo video 3. However, before we move on and tell you about these, we must first advise you of our box set availability.

Avoid disappointment - order now. Seksme is only available directly from our official website while stocks last. Because all items in our prop sets are individually handcrafted, we have a restock quantity limitation of 1000 units that can be physically manufactured for public circulation at any one time. Please note: when inventory stock levels fall to zero, the order page is automatically replaced with our 'join waiting list' form. The official order page will return when the stock is replenished and depending on what stage in the manufacturing process you attempted to place your order, it can take up to 3 months to restock. However, should you miss your opportunity this time around simply request to be placed on our waiting list* to be among the first to be informed when new stock becomes available.

*Being on the waiting list does not guarantee receipt of a box set - see FAQ below.

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In our third and final video you can now watch a live demonstration on how our scenarios will actually work, as well as learn all about the remaining earlier mentioned additional bonus relationship enhancement features that will also come included with Seksme.

There is so many additional relationship enhancement features that it will take 12 minutes to walk you through them all. 

But ​remember, after watching the video, and knowing about all the fresh bedroom fun you can be having with Seksme, it is advised that you reserve yours before either our limited stock runs out or the special 25% discount period ends.

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The Seksme Hands On Scenarios - Can't wait to start trying out some naughty role play storylines with your partner? With our unique step-by-step video based scenarios, as well as living out some of your wildest naughty fantasies, you're guaranteed to have lots of new saucy fun while we guide you into some new fresh and interesting ways of kicking off your standard pattern of lovemaking.


Saucy prop set included - Not only do you get our saucy scenarios to take the sexual tension and ecstasy to a whole new level, we have also included a naughty deluxe prop set. Our hot steamy scenarios will play out endless ways for putting these items to saucy use, and that's not to mention all the naughty fun that you can additionally get up to when your naughty scenarios end...


The Seksme Revolution Community - Our very own social media platform: it’s great to have resources to tap into but it’s even better to be able to rely on a network of peers as passionate about improving their love lives as you are. That’s why we created an exclusive community in addition to our own online content. With everything from fashion and make-up tips so you can ensure that you are always looking great for your partner, to more serious relationship topics, our community is always there to help strengthen committed bonds by helping new and existing couples to create stronger, healthier and more devoted monogamous relationships.


Sex Education Videos - Our exclusive online content includes even more tips to improve your love life with many hours of fun browsing the informative sex education videos from the world’s leading sex experts. These include a wide variety of subjects ranging from the best sex positions for G-spot orgasm through to subjects like the top secrets to the best oral sex, which you can watch anytime either singly or as a couple and learn even more about male and female sexual desires and additional relationship enhancement ideas.


Learn The Art Of Dirty Talk - Want to learn the Art of Dirty Talk? Come and find out how talking dirty to your partner can enhance your bedroom experience in new fun and exciting ways that you've never imagined.

Lots of us enjoy sneaking a little dirty talk into the bedroom but if you feel a little shy about doing this or you just want to learn more ways of turning on your partner, our tutorial on dirty talk will be just what you need!


Rope Tying Videos - Your prop set comes with two silky bundles of 20-meter rope. To help make your intimate fun time even more exciting. You will also have access to a host of saucy and fun rope tying videos to create beautiful, decorative and sophisticated ties. So if you fancy trying something a little different, you can even enjoy many hours of fun tying up your partner like the pros and bring even more saucy fun into the bedroom.


Plus More - And that's not it! There are many other useful articles and features not mentioned here that will also come included to help you bring new fun and spice to your love life. So, if you're truly serious about seeking fresh ideas for adding lots of new fun and variety into your bedroom, then you won't possibly find a better solution! Join the Seksme revolution and reserve your scenario box set right away!


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The 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your investment in your scenario set is backed by a 30 Day “Check our prop quality and review our whole online content” Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

When you reserve your scenario set today, you have a FULL 30 days to examine the prop items and review all the features of our entire online content 100% risk free. If, for any reason after your inspection, you feel that your scenario set doesn’t live up to the ease of use and fun to use promises stated above, ​or the bonus online content doesn’t offer you the countless ideas for adding additional new spice to your love life that we've been promising, we’ll issue an immediate and prompt courteous refund where you’ll get 100% of your money back.

Why do we offer such a lenient guarantee?

We know without a shadow of a doubt that our scenarios work.

Our step-by-step system has been designed to be so simple to follow that anyone can use it. That’s why we put our money where our mouth is: you can go through the entire online content for a full 30 days, and if you're not happy for any reason, just contact our support team, and you’ll get 100% of your money back.

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If you both really want to​ totally lose your inhibitions whilst getting ​completely lost in the moment, why would you risk making awkward mistakes by trying it the ​hard way? Wouldn’t you rather know that you’ve got a proven formula designed to continually ramp up the sexual tension by leading you both into countless naughty situations where neither of you will know what’s about to happen​?

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​You’ve seen in the 3 videos above how, when you plan a video roleplay scenario with Seksme, you’ll spend that day thinking about nothing but sex, getting aroused at the thought of it, along with all the added mystery and suspense of not knowing exactly what naughty things the scenario's step-by-step interactive instructions will have you both later getting up to.

In these videos you learned:

  • How - in video 1 you discovered how our unique pre-foreplay video has been designed to take away all the complicated tricky planning and will get you both ready for your very first naughty scenario.

  • Why - after watching video 2 you will know how you can also additionally crank up the bedroom fun to a whole new level with your included saucy prop set.

  • What - the contents of video 3 will show you about all the extra bonus features you will also be getting with Seksme and how you can instantly start adding some new bedroom spice into your love life - all for less than the price of a quality surprise lingerie set or a couples' lovers night out that you specially planned to get your partner in the mood

You risk nothing. Take us up on our 30-day money-back guarantee​ and as you morph into two horny lusty lovers all over again, you will become the envy of both your male and female friends as your sex gossip transforms from what is currently average to the mind-blowingly red hot and raunchy.

Remember, this special offer is only available while remaining stocks last or alternatively the limited offer countdown timer expires!


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