Finally, Some Bedroom Fun That Comes With Naughty Instructions

Plan a ​​Naughty ​Night ​In

​...and let us take away the guess work of where to start and what to do. Best of all, you can both blame it onto us for all the saucy things you were just getting up to.

Read on for all there is to know about how Seksme can bring new spice to your love life!


Thinking About Spicing Up Your Bedroom Activities?

​"​Well ​ you just may have found what you​'re looking for"

But first things first, if you're asking what is Seksme, ​well it's definitely not about traditional bondage! ​It’s ​just a flirty fun experience that we specially ​developed to help ​with introducing some ​​new ​spice and variety into your ​love life. As you read on you will discover ​how it ​provides you with a truly unique online interactive bedroom experience ​​​to ​enhance ​and create the perfect occasional naughty couple’s night in. ​​Because ​with Seksme you don't only get a quality saucy box set, you also ​gain access to our ​exclusive online ​erotic role play scenarios, each specially devised to take away the guess work by ​​providing you with endless ​​new ​and fun ways of putting your new ​naughty kit to use.

“​We will ​be giving you more details about these scenarios later, but before we do, we will first ​tell you more about ​the naughty Seksme deluxe box set​”.

So, What's In The ​Box?

"And what makes us different"




​If you are looking for a quality beginners' restraints set then Seksme won’t disappoint. With Seksme the storage case and each of its included faux leather items are individually handcrafted for quality and comfort, making every set completely unique with no two box sets ever being the same. It makes the perfect starter kit or introductory set to explore your curiosity or adventurous side, and comes with awesome video tutorials to teach you how to effectively use each item safely, including essential do’s and dont's that you will need to know. You can find a complete list of what comes contained in your Seksme box set in our FAQ below, ​but should you wish to ​take a closer look at the ​quality of ​our instruction videos, ​you can take a preview of our set's storage case instructions by clicking on the blue button below.

Why Sex ​Can Feel Like A Routine Bad Day ​At The Office?

"And how Sexual Role Play can make it feel as exciting as a one-night stand"


​When you’re in a relationship for a while, sex can start to become more of a routine rather than a lusty romp. Even the most passionate sex can run out of passion and even the most intimate acts of sexual ecstasy can run out of steam after a while. So, it’s no surprise that most couples in steady relationships find themselves in that ever common situation where it feels like you’re just going through the motions and instead of your sex ending in ecstasy, it ends up feeling more like a routine bad day at the office.

​Although this may sound familiar to you, the romantic spark can be easily returned​ by ​simply introducing some fresh new spice into ​your bedroom to reignite the days when sex felt as exciting as a ​tipsy one-night stand.

Even the best of things can turn tedious when left to slip into a standard routine. Sex is no different. Just like all other exciting activities this too can become a little monotonous after a while. But don’t just ​let this happen! As soon as you feel ​that your lovemaking is starting to wane, ​it’s about ​time ​​to bring in a new twist to what both of you are used to - and a good way to inject this difference is by occasionally introducing a little flirty sexual role play into the bedroom.

The Solution To This Problem

​One of the biggest obstacles that can get between couples in ​love making ​is that ​sexual desires can be as diverse as they are personal, and therefore sometimes ​you may not find it easy to share your most intimate thoughts, even with the people most closest to ​you. But this innocent reluctance to share ​your inner desires could be having a ​negative effect on your relationship, ​by being one of the major contributing factors to the reason of an ​average to an unfulfilled love life.

​​​​Sexual role play is an ideal means ​for providing a simple solution for this common problem: it’s a game of seduction where you and your partner will enact the erotic actions of different characters, it’s also an ideal vehicle for providing a safe environment to take on a different persona, where you can safely explore your personal lesser-expressed fantasies. Although most people may be intrigued by the notion of role playing, many pass on the idea, ​maybe because they are afraid of feeling awkward, giggling during the process or, even more commonly, just can’t think of a specific fantasy to ​enact. However, done correctly, introducing some occasional role play into your relationship can make sex with your partner feel as exciting as your very first night together, because if you think about it, literally speaking, the person you’re having sex with is a totally different character!

Introducing Seksme

​If you have been seeking ​some fresh ​new ways of injecting ​some new spice into your love life then Seksme holds the answer! Seksme provides couples with ​a new way to encourage ​far more foreplay into their lovemaking. It's no secret that one of the first things ​men neglect in their sexual relationships is foreplay. This is a big problem because although a man can get off in less than 3 minutes, ​most women require more like ​10 to 20​ ​minutes to ​really get up to speed. ​It is widely known that for most women ​the amount of foreplay is directly proportional to the quality and intensity of sex. This is because it engages the mind ​with the gradual increase​ of sexual arousal and tension, and ​​it should be of no surprise that foreplay is the​ rocket fuel that ​really ​gets ​​them going.

​Seksme will ​get both you and your partner excited with ​making love all over again. This is because your Seksme box set doesn’t only come with a treasure trove of handcrafted luxury naughty accessories, it also comes with a whole host of online relationship enhancement features specially designed to encourage a lot more foreplay between couples. This includes, but not limited to, our uniquely created Seksme Hands On Scenarios that have been artfully engineered to set free even the shyest persons’ inhibitions before ​finally getting down to some hot and passionate sex.

​In most relationships ​where couples ​have been guilty of neglecting foreplay, up until now if you’re not sneakily plotting a quiet evening in front of the TV, or making the usual standard excuse of an early night, when it eventually comes down to it, you​ will commonly find that sex usually ​happens without any prior preparation or planning. Sometimes, more or less out of the blue, ​one of you ​starts getting horny, makes the move for the other, and 5 or maybe ​20 minutes later one of you rolls off and the other probably ​freezes and feigns death. Now, I know this may sound ​quite humorous but I’m sure that ​some of you can relate. ​However, with our Seksme Hands On Scenarios ​this will no longer ​be the case! This is because if you now plan to spend ​the occasional naughty evening in with your box set, you will know that on this day you will instead ​be ​in for a hot night of exciting, exhilarating and very raunchy sex.

​For those who would not really know what to do with their box sets, our scenarios have been cleverly designed with one thing in mind which is to encourage ​the start of your lovemaking in new ​and exciting ways. With dozens of scenarios to choose from ​lasting anywhere from ​7 to 20 minutes in length, ​we issue the fun and naughty step-by-step commands for each of you to follow along with on your behalf. ​This method totally adds to the excitement and suspense of you both not knowing what will happen next. And the very best thing about using our scenarios ​is that if you’re of the shy type, you can freely blame it onto us for all the saucy things you were both getting up to.

​Seksme scenarios are designed to tease. They are cleverly crafted to always end with leaving you in the middle of some saucy sensual action. After getting you both hot around the collar, ​the scenarios' final instruction ​will be to direct you to finish off the rest of the steamy lovemaking session in whichever way you like - concluding a ​naughty and titillating build up ​to sex that will leave you both feeling like horny frisky little kids again.​

​​Learning How ​To Use ​Our Seksme Scenarios

"Watch a ​sample clip of our ​step-by-step instructions."




​Want to know how simple it will be for you and your partner to start having fun with our scenarios? Then don't just take our words for it! If you still can’t imagine how easy it will be to use them, watch a short sample clip of our getting started video, which will give you an overview of our scenarios' detailed six-step process.

The full instructional video is 15 minutes ​long and has been specially designed to be watched as a couple before trying your first scenario, and will provide you with the perfect ​flirty step-by-step interactive build up to your very first ​naughty night in.

Press ​'Watch Video' ​for a sneak p​review.

Now You Can Satisfy That Secret Lust

​At Seksme we understand the importance of focusing more on each other’s natural needs. The truth is, sexual intimacy is an integral part of any healthy relationship and once it's allowed to fade away, it could slowly lead to infatuation. That’s why we created Seksme, because the answer is simple: we should all stop looking outside our relationships to fulfill our personal needs, but instead look inside of them and fulfill this missing lust from within.

How Easy It Is To Start Using Seksme

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You can now start adding spice and enhancing your relationship  with these 3 simple steps:

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    ​Inject Some New Spice Into Your Love Life

​S​ee below for steps explained

​Using Seksme​ Couldn't Be ​More Simple

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​S​TEP 1

Once you join Seksme your box set will be instantly dispatched by our trusted Amazon fulfilment service that will be delivering your new box sets to you via Amazon Prime.



​​Login With Your ​Member's Card - ​Within every Seksme box you will find an executive business card containing your unique personal login details to enter our Seksme users' community.



Start Having Some New Bedroom Fun - ​Watch our instructional videos, ​then let us encourage the use of your erotic accessories to ​bring some new thrilling fun and foreplay into the bedroom​ right away.

​That’s it - it’s as simple as that!

Why Being Sexually Fulfilled ​Is Important

Stop Taking Each Other For Granted

Why should it be that most of us feel as though we were only in the relationship simply because we were once both passionately in love with each other? We all know that successful relationships ought to get stronger overtime, not weaker​ and before we become just another ​unnecessary statistic, it’s about time that we should all learn to stop taking each other's core personal needs for granted.

​What are you waiting for? Affairs happen for myriad reasons but one of the main causes is known to be relationship dissatisfaction, and we should all be mindful of this in our own relationships. In general, a successful relationship requires feelings of stability and security, physical and emotional intimacy and companionship. When any one of these is deficient, one or both partners are likely to feel dissatisfied, and dissatisfaction in a relationship can increase the likelihood of infidelity.

​Adding some extra spice into your love life can help partners in committed relationships resist the temptation to cheat. It’s no secret that being sexually unfulfilled in a relationship can cause couples to slowly drift apart. Because of this, some people end up having affairs to satisfy sexual needs that could have easily been fulfilled within their own relationship. In most cases you will find that the need was just for some sexual variety which could have easily been satisfied at home. We all need to feel the excitement of doing something new and out of the ordinary every now and then, but the truth is it doesn't have to involve other people.

​Seksme - Bringing Back ​The ​Spice To Your Love Life

"​​Returning to the days when love was new"


With Seksme you can now return to the days when love was new again. You won’t just rekindle the spark in your romance, you’ll also notice the ever-pleasant feeling of being infatuated by each other all over again! When you plan an exciting night in with Seksme, you’ll find yourself spending the whole day thinking about pouncing on your partner - ​an ​exhilarating feeling that ​will help to strengthen ​​committed bonds​.

What Others Are Saying

"Seksme Testimonial"

​"Surprised the wife with this who is not very adventurous. Because the product was presented in such a tasteful way, after a little cheeky persuasion she agreed to give it a try. The ​​scenarios really did help her to lose her inhibitions as we played along with the step-by-step instructions, we both giggled a lot and really did have a great first experience! This is truly an excellent product, there are literally dozens of awesome scenarios to choose from, and we both can’t wait for the next opportunity to try another!"

​Andy & Samantha (Nevada)

Where Can ​I Buy Seksme?

​​Reserve ​Your Box Set ​Today!

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​​Seksme box sets are only available exclusively from ​ Because all our items including the carry case are individually handcrafted, and due to our high standards in quality control, only 1000 units can be manufactured at any one time. The whole process from manufacturing to final general release of the box sets take approximately 3 months; and depending on what stage in the process you joined the list, will determine how long you will have left to get yours.


Also note that due to the sheer volume of inquiries, once out of stock, we are unable to respond to inbound email requests on when new stock will become available. Because of this, unless you are on the waiting list, there will be no way of knowing when the box sets will be available. It only takes a moment to join the list and you can rest assured that everybody on our waiting list will be kept fully up to date with the very latest news on new stock availability.

​​​​Delivered by Amazon
​We have chosen Amazon as our preferred delivery partner so that you can purchase in complete confidence with all the speed and security that shopping with Amazon offers. However,
please note that our box set is not listed on Amazon for direct sale, so the box sets cannot be independently searched for and directly ordered from the Amazon website.

* Waiting list does not guarantee receipt of a box set. See FAQ 

​OK,​ Let The Bedroom Fun Begin!

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​​​​​Join the waiting list and ​start planning your first Seksme Weekend in with your lover! ​We all know that sex is always exciting and frisky at the start of any new relationship. But that doesn’t mean that older relationships ​can't ​also feel the same way too! Seksme will have you looking forward to planning ​the occasional naughty night in with your ​lover and making ​love feel ​brand new all over again, and we will now detail exactly what you will be getting ​when you order your Seksme box set.

What You'll Get...

​Seksme - ​The ​​Quality ​Box ​Set That ​Comes ​With Naughty ​Instructions

"​A cross-platform online experience for use on all devices"

You only need to visit Amazon or anywhere else on the web to see that we offer the only experience of this kind available anywhere on the market. The entire Seksme package consists of a luxury case containing an erotic treasure trove of naughty items and exclusive interactive online scenarios which offer you that cheeky excuse for trying out new naughty things with each other.


​​​​​...But That's Not It, ​There's Lots More!

Everything you get when you join

​If ​all that you have already learned about Seksme wasn't enough, you will also be further pleased to learn that there are additional bonus relationship enhancement features that you will be getting included with your online content, such as being part of our flagship Seksme self-help community​ where other users are sharing tips on what is and is not working in their own relationships. Also, as well as our earlier mentioned item instruction videos and our Seksme scenarios, it also includes many additional how-to videos and other useful articles for whenever you are seeking new fresh ideas for spicing up ​activities between the sheets. You will learn more about how to use each of these extra features in the Seksme induction video email that you will receive when you first log in to our members' area, but for an overview of some of the additional content that you will also have access to, simply read below.


Seksme Product Instructions - ​Learn more about your individual Seksme products, including what they are, how they are used, plus some important safety measures to follow​.


The Seksme Hands On Scenarios - Can't wait to ​get your hands on your partner? Try our exciting role play ideas that are cleverly designed to lead you, no matter how shy you are, into playing out our hot steamy role play scenarios.


​The Seksme Community - ​It’s great to have resources to tap into, but it’s even better to be able to rely on a network of peers as passionate about improving their love lives as you are. That’s why we created a​n exclusive Seksme community​ in addition to our own online content. ​With everything from fashion and make-up tips, so you can ensure that you are always looking ​great for your partner, to more serious relationship topics, our community is always there to help strengthen committed bonds by helping new and ​established couples to create stronger, healthier and more devoted monogamous relationships.


​Sex Education Videos - Improve your love life with hours of fun browsing the informative sex education videos from the world’s leading sex experts, which you can watch as a couple and learn even more about male and female sexual desires and additional relationship enhancement ideas.


​Learn The Art Of Dirty Talk ​Want to learn the Art of Dirty Talk? Come and find out how talking dirty to your partner can enhance your bedroom experience in new fun and exciting ways that you've never imagined.


​Rope Tying Videos Watch our rope tying videos to learn how to use the two bundles of 20-meter ​rope that came included within your box set to create beautiful, decorative and sophisticated ties and enjoy hours of fun tying up your partner like the pros.


​​​​​Plus ​More​ -​​​And that's not all! ​There are ​many more useful articles and features that we have ​added to help inform ​and bring new fun and spice to your love life.

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What You Get With Seksme...

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