​​​​How ​to Whitelist Our Emails​​​

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​Whitelist our emails

​Follow our simple 1 minute videosfor ​step-by step ​instructions ​to ​ensure that your waiting list update emails all ​get ​successfully delivered​! ​Taking a moment to do this will ​guarantee ​the safe delivery of all our update emails ​and you will not miss out on your chance to reserve a box set. 

Simply view the instructions below ​on how to ​whitelist our emails ​with the most ​popular Internet Service Providers​.


​​​​If you own a Gmail account, simply view the video below for our simple step-by-step whitelisting instructions.​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you own a ​Yahoo account, simply view the video below for our simple step-by-step whitelisting instructions.​



​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you own an ​Outlook account, simply view the video below for our simple step-by-step whitelisting instructions.​

Other Popular Email Clients

​Below are some ​of the ​less ​common email clients that are ​​still ​popular with many users. ​If you own one of these, simply follow the ​below steps o​utlining how to whitelist ​your email address. ​

Outlook 2003, Outlook 2016 and Outlook Office 365

To add Seksme to you list of “Safe senders” on Outlook:

​1 – Right click our email in your inbox email list pane

​2 – On the menu displayed move your mouse over or tap Junk

​3 – Click or tap on Never block sender in the menu that rolls out

​4 – The resulting popup will say: “The sender of the selected message has been added to your Safe Senders List.”

​5 – Click OK

To add sender to address book:

1 – Open the email

2 – Right click on the 'from' address

3 – Choose Add to contacts option

AOL Webmail

To make sure our email gets delivered to your AOL Inbox please complete these two steps.

If you find Seksme in your spam folder:

​1​ - Right click the email

2​ - Click “Not spam” in the resulting list

Add an email address e.g. hello@seksme.com to your Address Book:

– Open the email from Seksme

2 – Click the show details link next to Seksme in the "From" field

3 – Move your mouse over or tap hello@seksme.com to show the menu

4 – Click or tap Add contact in the menu displayed

5 – Add Seksme to the name fields

6 – Click Add contact

Email from that Domain will now be delivered straight to your Inbox.


Please log into your Xfinity account and select your Comcast webmail.

Should you find an email from Seksme in your spam folder:

​1​ - Open the email

​2​ - Click the Spam (not spam) icon on the top toolbar

Next, please add Seksme to your address book:

1 – Please open the email from Seksme

2 – Click on the button at the top left of the email that says:


+ Add to Address Book

1 – That will open your edit contact screen

2 – Then click Save and you’re all done


If you are not receiving our emails at EarthLink, there are two actions you can take:

1 – Check Suspect Email folder

2 – Add Seksme to your address book

With EarthLink, if you have SpamBlocker turned on, suspect messages are automatically send to your Suspect Email folder if the Domain is not in your address book. Suspect Email Folder:

– While in the Suspect Email folder, if you see Seksme​…

2 – Select the Move to Inbox and Add Contact option from the drop down menu

3 – This will add hello@seksme.com to your Address Book for future email delivery assurance

Address Book Inclusion:

1 – Open the email

– Click Add to Address Book in the email header

3 – Use the Address Book Editor to verify the sender’s contact details and click save

4 – Fill in hello@seksme.com as the email address of the sender

5 – Any mail sent with the same Domain (right of the @ sign) will now be delivered to your Inbox


AT&T no longer maintains their own inbox. Instead, you can find your AT&T emails at Att.Yahoo.com. Please follow the Yahoo video instructions above for whitelisting an A​T&T email.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Please open your Thunderbird email client.

If an email from Seksme appears in your Junk Folder:

Please mark that message as Not Junk.

Next, please add Seksme to your Address Book:

1 – Click the Address Book button

2 – Make sure the Personal Address Book is highlighted

3 – Click the New Contact button

4 – Under the Contact tab, copy and paste the “From” address, hello@seksme.com into the email text box

5 – Click OK

G​​uarantee Your Emails By Whitelisting Us Today!

​​Seksme - It’s more than a product, it’s a whole experience

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