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WHAT IS THIS FOR? – Our Kegel exercise weights are Doctor Recommended for women of all sizes and ages, and especially suggested for pregnant or nursing women, or anyone who is having issues with weak bladder control, urinary & fecal incontinence, vaginal atrophy, lower back pain or decreased sexual stimulation. This product is sometimes called as Keegle, Keagle, Kegal, Kagel, Kgoal Weights by some people.
WHY IT FITS FOR ALL WOMEN? – The Kegel exercise is just like the muscles develop with physical workout, one weight can not fit for every woman.! Veilnilla develop 5 progressive Kegel weights (1.1oz to 3.9oz) that allows you choose from the weights of “Beginner” to “Pro Advancer” and tailor your pelvic floor muscle training. Moreover, the unique CHERRY shape Kegel weight design to fit inside the vagina perfectly without easily falling out.
WHEN TO EXPECT THE RESULT? – A15-20 minutes twice daily work out. The best results will be rewarded for the women who work out properly everyday for the first two weeks. Get the tighter pelvic floor muscle for bladder control, post pregnancy recovery, and achieve to orgasm much faster even multiple times!