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Your products come in luxury packaging which contains all the bits you need to sustain your adventure all through the night. It is strong, durable, and comes in a portable and sleek design.

For people who have a day-to-day life of being constantly in control, giving it up in the bedroom can be a huge turn-on. Hand and ankle cuffs leave your body with no other option than to fully enjoy the intensity of sex.

A hogtie is a restraint tool that involves securing the ankles to the wrists with handcuffs, ropes or ties behind someone’s back to immobilize them, leaving them totally exposed to your desires.

If your partner is in need of a little spanking, then a paddle is the easiest and most effective implement to introduce a little impact play with a thud or a sting.

If you want to experiment with power play, a blindfold is your best friend. Even if you’re not naturally dominant, you’ll find it easier to slip into a dominating role if your partner can’t see you.

A flogger is a device used to whip or gently tease your partner’s skin during play and is made of several strands attached to a stiff handle.

Using a collar is a great way of bringing the fun of control into your scene. Worn by both male and female alike it has fast become one of the most popular bondage toys.

A restraint typically stops naughty playmates from touching things they shouldn’t. Ropes not only keep that ‘naughty’ sub firmly in their place, but also look incredible when exotically tied.

Introducing a ball gag to your intimate fun is a great way of enhancing role play, increasing control and silencing your lover.

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