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Before you immerse in experiencing our super-sexy, hot scenarios brought especially to you, please get to know how our scenarios work. This little intro has everything you need to know before you start to play.

Sergeant Karl is a dirty cop with the state police department. He is always on the lookout for young girls who will break the law, so he can take advantage of them sexually rather than arrest them…

Pam’s sex slave Steve has disobeyed one of his mistress’s commandments again. She caught him ogling one of the housewives down the street last night and now he has to be punished for it…

Claire is one of those defiant students who always breaks the school’s dress codes. Today, she has been caught dressed immorally in school and has been sent to Professor Donaldson for detention…

Paris is a pretty comfortable high classed paid escort who goes on trips with wealthy men regularly. She also likes playing sub during sexual adventures with most of these men. Today, her patron is a rich business executive, Ryan…

Katie is a horny older woman who loves capturing young guys from bars and pubs. She takes them home and makes them her sex slaves before allowing them a taste of her succulent snatch. Jake is her catch for today…

Karla is a really good, obedient maid to her master James, so it came as a real shock to him when she broke one of his rules by putting on panties while going out. Clearly, she deserves punishment…

Master Duncan’s bitch, Sheila had refused to give him an early morning blowjob as was the routine, so he had to go through the agony of masturbating due to her disobedience. Now she has to be shown her place.

Kelly is a young, sexy policewoman who gets hit on a lot by perps and she gets turned on from it at times. Today, she is really horny from being hit on so much and has just spotted a driver, Ben, driving in the wrong direction…

Harry is a very shy guy who doesn’t really socialize. He has always been about work, but has a secret naughty side to him. Today, he has been invited for an adult party which one of his work colleagues insisted on him attending.

Sarah is a freaky young nymphomaniac who gets turned on by alcohol and the sight of men’s dicks, so she sneaks into gents’ restrooms in bars and clubs to peek at the talent and rub herself. But today she has been caught by Richard peeking.

Janet is a sexy young woman who works as a secretary. She is always horny and has always fantasized about having sex at work, which she has been doing for some time now with her very handsome boss, Bradley.

A female stowaway is always a welcomed treat to Captain Sparrow, who’s spent way too long time at sea without being in female company. In this scenario you will experience what this captain gets up to in his quarters.

Leah loves being submissive and nothing turns her on more than being helpless during sex. She gets wet merely thinking about ropes and gags. Today she has visited her dominant partner Kyle who knows the exact things that turn her on.

Why does the new Constable Charles have to spend so much time at the workhouse? It’s not that hard to guess when you see all the poor, lonely women there who all love a man in uniform and would do anything for him.

What would you do if you discovered a woman in the wild – hot, needy and asking for it? Nathan will ask himself that very question when he meets Leona. Surely, he needs to tame this beautiful girl’s wild side.

Maria is the personal secretary to Dean, a business executive. They also have a sex thing going on when they are alone, or in the nights. He enjoys having total control over her during sex and she always looks forward to their next hot fuck session too…

Want some heat? Get in the kitchen! Harper was so pleased with her exquisite dinner that she wanted to give the chef, Mark, just a little bit more than a simple thank you note. She quickly becomes his new favorite customer.

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