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Are you madly in love or driven mad by it? Happily single or looking for a partner? Living together, married with kids, or dumped and desperate? Whatever the state of your love life, Hot Relationships has all the answers to your dating and relating dilemmas.

Funny, practical, and refreshingly  realistic, it's packed with advice on everything from flirting and flings to monogamy and marriage. There are hot tips on getting over an ex, where to meet a partner, how to spot the losers, and how to breeze through that first date, as well as hints on fixing the fights, surviving jealousy and infidelity, and breaking bad love habits.

A must-have manual for singles, couples, men, and women, Hot Relationships shows you how to have one-and how to keep it that way.

Inside you'll learn:
How to get from bonking-each-other-senseless to couplesville  (without losing the urge)

How to tame the green-eyed monster and what to do if your partner cheats (or you're tempted to)

What to do with loony libidos and lousy lovers, or if you're both too zonked to bonk
Relationships expert Tracey Cox, author of Hot Sex, admits that she is not currently "snuggled up on the couch with Mr. Perfect." Never mind--she sure knows relationships: good ones, lousy ones, flings, live-ins, and "first date fizzles." She's knowledgeable, reassuring, and very funny. First, Cox discusses the advantages of being single (yeah, yeah) and helps you figure out what kind of partner/relationship you're seeking and where to find him or her. Then she takes you through getting that first date.

As she explores falling in love, evaluating your relationship, and getting closer to commitment, Cox is feisty and irreverent. One chapter's subtitle is "Getting from Bonking-Each-Other-Senseless to Couplesville (Without Losing the Urge)." She discusses sex directly and wittily, explaining, for example, why you might have been hungry for sex when you weren't getting any but you're indifferent when it's available in an ongoing relationship: "It's a bit like Thanksgiving. You can smell that turkey cooking and you're practically drooling. Come the day after, you'd rather eat mashed up grasshoppers than face another slice." Keeping sex alive in a relationship is linked with keeping communication alive, and Cox gives you tips for accomplishing this, too. Other topics include jealousy, sex after marriage, infidelity, destructive relationships, and how to get over a break-up. --Joan Price